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Logistics Consulting to Drive Your Business Forward

For logistics companies, efficiency is key to a high-performing business. What’s more, delivering stand-out customer experiences is now an essential component of staying competitive and profitable in today’s market.

Equipped with a robust yet flexible strategy that allows your organisation to adapt to current and evolving challenges, your logistics company can unlock its full potential and get on the road to long-term success.

Experts in Logistics Management Consulting

With extensive experience in logistics consulting, Macquarie Consulting partners with logistics industry leaders to optimise every stage of the supply chain.

Through strategic logistics planning, optimal network design, and smart efficiency-boosting solutions, we help logistics companies to enhance performance and improve customer experiences, all while reducing operational costs.


Macquarie’s logistics consulting
services can help you to:

Optimise your network

Increase efficiency

Reduce costs

Improve CX

Manage risk

Build resilience

Our Logistics Consulting Capabilities

Drawing on our proven expertise in consulting to the transport and logistics industry, our qualified consultants support our clients to transform their operations and remove efficiency-blocking siloes across the network. As a result, you’ll grow your competitive advantage while increasing customer loyalty and your bottom line.

Our logistics consulting services include:

  • Logistics planning and strategy
  • Supply chain review and optimisation
  • Network design
  • Loyalty and customer experience
  • Performance monitoring
  • Risk management and sustainability



Let Us Take You Further

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