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Operations & Logistics

Tomorrow’s success starts with today’s strategy. At Macquarie Consulting, we apply our proven expertise in operations and logistics to transform this area of your business, helping you achieve both fast results and long-term sustainability.

From high-level strategy planning to on-the-ground implementation, our experienced operations and logistics consultants combine innovative thinking with tried-and-tested methodologies to optimise operations at every stage of the supply chain.

Warehouse design to transport fleet mix, operational procedures to contingency planning – our practical and hands-on approach is focused on helping you achieve tangible improvements in productivity, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and business growth

Supply Chain Review

As supply chains across the globe face unprecedented levels of disruption, staying ahead means rethinking the way you operate and acting strategically to navigate today’s complex business world.

At Macquarie Consulting, we specialise in reviewing existing supply chains in order to overcome new challenges, mitigate risk, and ensure continual optimisation. Whether implementing new technologies or setting up contingencies for domestic and global supply chain challenges, we’ll help you build resilient yet agile supply chains that drive your business forward.

From visiting your operational sites to supporting your team throughout implementation and beyond, our experienced supply chain consultants are here to make the process simple and seamless.

Network Design

Efficient and streamlined operations across your warehouse, transport fleet, and logistics processes are crucial to both the smooth running of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

Our network design specialists bring a wealth of experience in optimising workflows through the strategic design of your warehouse space and transport services. From warehouse location and infrastructure to fleet mix and support staff, we can deliver improvements across your network via highly-optimised design.

By getting to know your specific warehouse and product requirements, our team will advise on the most cost-effective solutions that ensure the highest level of customer service and – crucially – are practical and realistic for your teams.

Logistics Training &

As experienced logistics professionals with experience across global supply chains, our consultants can provide customised logistics training to equip your senior management team with the knowledge and understanding they need.

From general logistics functions to company-specific operations training, we’ll review your organisational requirements, tailor the training to suit your business, and deliver this service in a formal or informal setting.

Macquarie Consulting can also provide advisory services to guide senior managers on key strategic decisions. By sharing our expertise in logistics and operations, your CEO, COO, board members and other senior stakeholders will be empowered to act with confidence.

Transport & Warehouse

Engaging in transport and warehouse tenders every three to five years can provide valuable insights into your current operations and areas in need of improvement.
Equipped with these insights, businesses can adjust or reset their supply chain or operations functions in order to maximise efficiency, improve cost-effectiveness, and ensure long-term resilience in a volatile market.

Our consultants can support you through every stage of the tender process, from preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and reviewing submissions to negotiating with potential suppliers and supporting your team through the implementation and transition process.

Environmental & Social

It’s never been more important or timely for organisations to reduce their environmental and social impact by ensuring their supply chain processes are sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly.

From warehousing and transport to sourcing and shipping, our expert consultants will review processes across your supply chain, recommending strategic improvements that result in a lower carbon footprint and higher ethical standards.

By driving down your environmental and social impact while maintaining business continuity, Macquarie Consulting helps you operate more sustainably, reduce energy expenditure, and move forward with more peace of mind.

Delivering What Your
Business Needs

With a team of consultants equipped with more than 25 years of experience, Macquarie Consulting can support your business where you need it most.

Our deep knowledge of operations, logistics and supply chain practices across a broad range of industries and geographical locations means we can apply our expertise in a myriad of ways to deliver outstanding results.

Our full spectrum of capabilities includes change management strategies, project management, data analysis and cost modelling, contingency planning, supply chain budgeting, supplier reviews and much more.

To find out how we can support your organisation, get in touch and speak with our friendly team.

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