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About Us

Proven Expertise Meets a Unique Approach

At Macquarie Consulting, we’re passionate about sharing our expertise in operations, logistics and supply chains in order to solve your challenges, safeguard your business, and transform your results. With over two decades of experience across domestic and international operations, our highly-qualified consultants can guide and advise your senior management team to make and implement the most strategic business decisions. But that’s not all that sets us apart.
Over the years, we’ve accumulated invaluable ‘on-the-ground’ experience, getting to know the processes, problems and challenges faced by teams from the warehouse to out on the road. Equipped with this knowledge, we can make targeted recommendations that deliver ongoing improvements across your organisation.
What’s more, when you engage Macquarie Consulting, you’ll work with experienced consultants who treat your business like their own. So you can rest assured that your success is always their top priority. Read on to discover why Macquarie Consulting is the firm of choice for customers looking to optimise their operations and achieve sustainable business growth.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Experience You Can Trust

When you work with Macquarie Consulting, you benefit from our proven experience and extensive industry expertise. Each of our qualified consultants brings over 25 years of knowledge in their field, having managed large and complex operations across the globe. No matter your business requirements, you can trust Macquarie to get you where you need to be.

Optimise at Every Level

From the warehouse to the boardroom, we believe the key to successful operations is working at every level of your organisation. By understanding each area of your business, we can identify opportunities for efficiency gains that deliver improvements across the workflow. Our holistic, hands-on approach is what sets us apart - and achieves better results, every time.

A Different Approach

At Macquarie Consulting, we pride ourselves on ‘breaking the mould’ when it comes to traditional consulting practices. By collaborating closely with your team, we can deliver outstanding outcomes without adversely impacting the cultural or commercial elements of your business. Crucially, we support our clients in the long term, with ongoing partnerships that continue to yield results.

Your Personal Consultants

We’re not the biggest consulting firm in the market. And that means we can deliver a personal service to each of our clients. Beneath our extensive business expertise lies a genuine passion for logistics - and this is what drives us to achieve the best results, time and time again. We’re accessible, transparent and focused on sharing our knowledge to take your business further.

The Experts in Change

We know that when it comes to business, change can be challenging. We’re here to make it easy, comfortable and seamless. As specialists in change management, we can support you to transition with ease, proposing simple yet fundamental changes that deliver significant benefits. Our realistic approach facilitates sustainable change that strengthens company culture.

From Local to Global

With experience managing large and complex supply chain networks across the globe, our consultants come with a world of expertise. By combining our global knowledge with local understanding, we can apply best practice solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. From domestic to international operations, we’ll ensure your business is optimised for success.

How it works

From initial review to implementation and beyond, our highly-skilled consultants are here to support you through every stage of your project. While every project is tailored to the needs of the customer, the following provides a quick overview of our step-by-step process.


We’ll start with a discovery phase which involves discussing your specific needs and understanding your unique business requirements.


Our comprehensive assessment process includes reviewing your operational setup, data and business structure to determine the


We’ll present our proposed recommendations, outlining exactly how we plan to address the identified challenges and implement strategic change


Once we’re implementation-ready, we’ll ensure the process is as smooth and friction-free as possible, for a seamless transition for you and your team.


In order to engineer successful outcomes, we’ll engage in stage reviews to ensure the business case for change remains an integral part of the project.

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